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Moving to ormskirk

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HarriMcC · 30/10/2020 23:35

Hi, my husband and I, and our three little ones, are relocating to ormskirk soon. I was hoping that maybe I could gain some insight from people who live or have lived in the area, with young children on what it's like to live there? We're looking at a house on lea crescent which we like the most, but also looking at one at beechwood drive - are these nice parts of the town? We're moving from quite a quiet small town, and I'm a bit nervous about finding the right kind of part of Ormskirk for the children to settle in to. I'd really appreciate any help, thank you!

OP posts:
IEat · 31/10/2020 17:03

Victoria Wood's Dinner ladies had a character from Ormskirk, she was Brenda's mum's strange friend

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