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Moved here from the other side 😬

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Sammyp235 · 06/09/2019 09:06

Hi folks

Well I’ve bed a ‘lurker’ for a few weeks here and decided to register today. Used to be on ‘the other parent site’ for about 7 years, until they made changes to the point it was unrecognisable and imo ruined it!!

I think most folk have come on here now. I like that you can see the most recent chat here.

So looking forward to getting some good advice from you lovely folk.

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stardog73 · 08/09/2019 20:33

Hi, Sammy! I, too have deflected from the 'other side'! after the forums there became unrecognisable and unusable.
Have spent this evening browsing here and am liking what I see so far. And like the fact that there's no swear filter!
I think there will be a lot more of us joining Mumsnet soon! x

Sammyp235 · 11/09/2019 23:43

Hi 😀

We’ve probably been on the sane threads in the ‘other side’! It was unrecognisable and I just couldn’t find anything. No idea what they were thinking but you’re right, I bet we’re not the only new ones here recently.

I’m liking it so far too. I like the teacher chat topics and there seems to be more people reply in general here? Not that I’ve posted myself much but from reading other posts.

Who’d have thought after years over there, we’d end up leaving!!!


OP posts:
Sammyp235 · 11/09/2019 23:47

*I mean I like the RECENT chat topics, not the teacher ones! Lol I’m still not sure how to edit any mistakes 😬😂

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mothering4 · 22/10/2019 14:04

Hey, I'm another lurker from the ' other side ' lol. I haven't really posted much on here yet, but I do prefer it here 😁

PavlovaFaith · 22/10/2019 14:06

I will warn you now that kisses on the end of posts are very much frowned upon here - there are a few good threads so you avoid making any MN faux pas!

Welcome Brew

mamandematribu · 22/10/2019 14:10

I'm new too. I didn't know there's a newbie corner. Hello 👋

AlCalavicci · 22/01/2020 22:47

Welcome to all you newbies Smile
@Sammyp235 you can not edit your post , it is the one thing I dont like about this site but it is set that way so that if someone post a comment and they get jumped on for their opinions they can not go back and change it .

Have you all figured out what the acronyms are yet or where to find the list of common ones ?

Have you found the @ feature ? Type @ and a list of who has posted in that thread will pop up , click on it and it will put it on your message in bold so you dont have to type it.
It also makes it easier to spot your own name when someone resopnds directly to a comment you have made .

@PavlovaFaith you are right , leave the X;s to you love letters

oh and if you want to use a emoji type the square bracket [ then the word then the closing square bracket ] with no spaces
typed with spaces > [ smile ]
without spaces Smile ( it will change to the emoji when you post it )

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