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harvey30 · 20/07/2019 18:25

Hi guys im new to this so a bit nervous but here goes..... so today iv been told iam ugly and my body is disgusting by my partner. It all started because my son ( not his) came home with a new tracksuit after a shopping trip with his grandad. Started saying he is spoilt etc so it ended up in a massive argument that soon turned nasty. He said the most horrible things. I have a girl 6 and a 7 month old with him. Had to have emergency c section with her as i had placental abruption. He said im disgusting fat and ugly. Bear in mind im only 8 n half stone. He then pushed me really hard and knocked me over .

OP posts:
Mollie3 · 26/07/2019 23:08

That’s awful this man is emotionally and physically abusing you. My advice would be to get out, leave him. Or throw him out ideally. Although I know easier said than done.
If you post this on the relationships forum I’m pretty sure you’d get similar responses!
Even if you were 18.5 stone, his behaviour is completely unacceptable. Sorry to hear you going thru this x

harvey30 · 26/07/2019 23:40

Thank you for your response. Im new to this so dont really know what im doing lol. He has now left. Hes still being really nasty. Calling me names saying iam the 1 to blame for relationship breakdown !!! Hes being really horrible and cold with me. But in a way iam glad as it will make it easier to get over him. Thank u so much for taking the time to reply to me xx

OP posts:
Mollie3 · 01/08/2019 22:10

No worries, he’s showing his true colours thank goodness he’s gone. Name calling is so infantile he sounds like an overgrown toddler throwing his toys out the pram! Probably seething that you’ve got enough self respect to say ta ta to an idiot like him. There are good men out there and separating yourself from him is the first step towards finding happiness again. Although I can understand if your done with men for the time being after such a horrible experience. Best of luck with everything x

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