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Severe Anxiety !!!

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LJEmmott · 09/07/2019 23:15

I’m hoping some of you lovely ladies could give me some advice or some reassurance, I had my first baby 8weeks ago and she has already outgrown her Moses basket and health visitor has advised that I start using the cot, from the day she was born all I have done is panic and cry at night because I’m terrified something awful is going to happen and that I will wake up and she won’t be breathing!!
It’s gotten to the point I have fallen asleep either holding her hand or with my hand on her chest just so I can feel her breathing !!
I haven’t been to bad lately but tonight is the first night she is in her cot and I can’t sleep and my anxiety is on overdrive :’( I’m currently crying as I write this !
I’ve done everything the HV as said no bumpers, teddy bears or loose blankets etc feet to bottom of cot and kept away from windows and radiator.

Any advice on how to calm down would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you anxious first time mummy

OP posts:
KimMumsnet · 11/07/2019 20:50

Hiya @LJEmmott and welcome to Mumsnet.
It can be a bit quiet in this section, so if you check out our Pregnancy Talk board and post there, you'll hopefully find some good advice.
All the best,

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