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First baby - What do i actually need?!

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purpletangerine · 07/05/2019 13:42

I am 6 weeks pregnant and just trying to think and plan ahead.
When it comes to actually buying items for your first baby, what do you actually need? Like baby monitors and nappy bins etc.
What did you buy that you actually used and what was a pointless purchase?

OP posts:
JoMumsnet · 11/05/2019 10:59

Hi @purpletangerine

And a warm welcome to Mumsnet Smile

First off, congratulations! Flowers You'll find loads of support and advice on the site, so grab a Brew and make yourself at home.

In answer to your question, we've put together a handy guide - Newborn essentials: the ultimate new baby checklist which talks you through the essentials as well as the nice-to-have items.

We also have a complete guide to pregnancy with advice on antenatal care, what you can eat, antenatal scans, where to have your baby and what happens during labour.

And finally, do check out our Antenatal Clubs talk topic where you can hook up with other mums-to-be who are at the same stage as you.

If you have any other questions, you can always drop us a line at [email protected]. Happy Mumsnetting!

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