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BFP but on period - help please!

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Spottyyellowdress · 19/01/2019 12:01

Morning all
So - been TTC 18months, referred to fertility clinic due to sperm motility issues. Unlikely to conceive naturally.

AF was 2 days late this month, but with a week of spotting beforehand - lots of ‘symptoms’, huge boobs, feeling sicky and shaky, massive temp rise, but bfn 14dpo, then started bleeding 17dpo. Very light at first, but steadily became normal. On day 3 of bleeding now.

Having a scan to check my Fallopian tubes on Tuesday and was told to confirm I wasn’t pregnant before booking - test yesterday had a v faint line. Assumed it was an evap so did another this morning and it’s slightly darker.

Whatever has happened there’s really not a chance I could still be pregnant as I’m bleeding like a normal period, bright red with pain and clots.

Any ideas what’s gone on this month?! Is this a very early loss? I’m planning on calling the hospital Monday anyway and seeing whether they still want to do the scan but not sure if this is something I should worry about now!

Any help greatly appreciated!

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 21/01/2019 19:18

How are you getting on now Spotty? Thanks

Spottyyellowdress · 22/01/2019 20:17

Oops, thought this had been moved over and got rid of! Ended in bfn a few days after bleeding.

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