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Trying to conceive

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Tryingmoma · 09/01/2019 13:20

Hi all first timer so bare with me haha

So me and my partner are trying to conceive, I stopped taking my pill in June (I have been on contraception for over 10 years). My periods have been like clock work every month untill last month when I had 2, I stopped bleeding on the 23rd of December, we've had regular sex on my supposedly fertile week. On a app I am using I apparently overlated around the 31st. Yesterday I had bad lower back pain, pain also in my legs and bum. I've woke this morning and it's totally gone, I've done a test and it's negative, I'm due on beging of next week. Do you think theres a chance I could be pregnant?

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JiltedJohnsJulie · 10/01/2019 20:19

Hello and welcome to MN Thanks

I’m not sure if you’re PG, it’s been a while since I was myself Smile

You might be better posting in the Conception Section.

Good luck too Smile

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