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Pension Age SWINDLE !!!!!!

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littlemaglet · 14/11/2018 14:16

I have been wondering if the changes made to our pension ages are, in fact, ILLEGAL or achieved contrary to other legislation and could be un-picked.
To take legal action would be costly but if the cost was shared by all of us affected and others who cared too then we might be able to fund a fight and, hopefully, win a reversal of the implementation of a swindle.
We all paid in to the system and trusted that we would get our State Pension at 60 if we had enough contributions.
THAT HAS BECOME A LIE now. We acted in good faith even though we had no real option at the time.
Can we get enough support together to test this in the courts?
I hope so. Please talk about this if you feel cheated and get others to as well. I think, if we all chip in we may achieve an over-turn of the 66 age 'finish line' for not much cost to each of us. (Perhaps £1 each if everyone ....)We have it all to win and not much to lose.
Are you willing to challenge our government? I am.

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littlemaglet · 14/11/2018 17:54

It may be that all we are able to achieve is Compensation. I believe we had a Contract with our 'dahhhling' Government. In fact some women were able to 'Contract out' { get out of THAT bit of the Contract} (i.e. still pay something in but not so much towards her pension and only get a smaller pension as a consequence) because they were married (to men only!!!! - before same sex marriage etc)......but.... HM Gov. reneagued on our Contract. They kept us in the dark while the legislation was going through and didn't think to let us know until YEARS later (12 or 14 in most cases).We were not given any choice in the matter because they thought we wouldn't know how or where to complain. We could not act together because we were the lowest of the low. Poorly educated, over-worked probably illiterate females who had 'wonderful' husbands to support our 'idyllic' lives...... or we were more interested in getting our nails done...... etc etc etc.

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