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Baby name two middle names

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Baby2019w · 18/10/2018 06:10

I wanted to have a hyphenated first name but have since decided against it as know it won’t get used, what are thoughts of two middle names? Would be lily rose annabel or lily annabel rose

OP posts:
StoorieHoose · 18/10/2018 06:11

No one really uses middle names do they? Child will be called Lily no one else apart from you will call her her full name

explodingkitten · 18/10/2018 06:22

Ime names wiith more than two syllables tend to be shortened by everyone in day-to-day life so she will be called Lily more often than Lily-Annabel. I know that people tend tp think of nicknames on here but once grown up the friends and colleagues will decide what the nickname is. So make sure you like the first part of the name the best.

Just food for thought.

AJPTaylor · 18/10/2018 06:30

My 3 daughters all have 2 middle names. Mainly because i was given the shortest most boring name known to man!
Your choices are v pretty together. My only word of caution is thar if you intend to have more than one child dont use up all the names you like on the first!

minisoksmakehardwork · 18/10/2018 06:36

Dd1 has a hyphenated middle name because when we said them, it ran together in that way. Ds1&2 both have 2 middle names because we liked them. Dh has 3 middle names (Family names). Dd2 is the 'poor relation' with only one (awesome) middle name.

Do what makes you happy.

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