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Pregnant, obese and incompetent cervix.

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Tonibee88 · 24/09/2018 20:57

Hey guys, I'm really struggling with this pregnancy. I have had 2 premature children as early as 10 weeks. They are in year 6 and high school now and doing amazing. This time round I'm at the hospital every week and looks like a cervical stitch is on the cards. I'm already on progesterone which is uncomfortable but fine, but really scared about the op. I have a fibroid thay is painful and growing which is worrying...Also had my 20 week scan which was incomplete because of my bmi which is 42. I feel anxious all the time and that has just kicked me while I'm down. Couldn't even tell the gender. I wonder is anybody else in the same position, I feel embarrassed to talk to anyone face to face. Just wish I could enjoy this pregnancy!!!

OP posts:
MayFayner · 24/09/2018 21:07

Hi tonibee sounds like you are having a tough time of it Flowers You might get more responses from people in the same boat if you re-post on the pregnancy board, it’s in talk> becoming a parent.

JiltedJohnsJulie · 25/09/2018 07:18

Hello and welcome to MN. It really does sound like you are having a tough time of it like May says Thankshave you managed to find the Pregnancy section yet? Smile

Dorabean · 25/09/2018 07:40

Hi @Tonibee88. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had a cervical stitch and the op is fine, it's very quick and recovery is fine too. I do a fairly physical job so I had 2 weeks off work but some people are back after a few days in a more sedentary job. The epidural/spinal doesn't hurt much so I found that fine too! The stitch really worked for me Grin

Tonibee88 · 25/09/2018 08:18

Hi ladies I did find the thread thank you for messaging xx

OP posts:
Tonibee88 · 25/09/2018 08:20

Hi @Dorabean thanks for that reassurance! Im glad it worked well for you. How far in the pregnancy did you get ?

OP posts:
Dorabean · 25/09/2018 12:22

Stitch was taken out at 37+1 and baby arrived at 38!

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