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Worried - Strange rash

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K311YLN · 01/09/2018 20:28

Hi, my daughter is 6 months amd has this rash that goes all uo her back. It's a little bit red and blotchy but is really dry! I've ran a glass over it and I think it fades as I do it but I'm thinking it's more eczma? I can't go doctors until monday but am just worried really, can alyone help or advise? Thanks in advance, Kelly x

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Jadetilly · 02/09/2018 00:06

Hey it sounds like eczema if it's disappearing under a glass then that's good news. When my daughter was that age she would always come up in little rashes and blotches sometimes it's as simple as the washing detergent. If your daughter seems fine in herself I wouldn't worry and just see the doctor first thing Monday morning. If she seems quite ill it might be worth taking her to out of hours and at least you can put your mind at ease too x

K311YLN · 02/09/2018 07:51

Thanks @Jadetilly I wouldn't normally fuss about it but it goes all down her back and her shoulders, she seems well in herself, maybe it is eczma, thank you i'll go monday and get it checked out!

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