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Post Pregnancy Urine retention

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Sara7860 · 26/07/2018 18:01

My son is now 3 weeks old, normal vaginal delivery but having major post labour complications.

I haven't been diagnosed with something in particular but after having my son, I wasn't able to pass urine normally and then eventually not at all. I retained over 1.3 litres and was catheterised the 1 st time. Second time was about 1.2 and they left the catheter in for almost 8 or 9 days.

My bladder without a catheter isn't emptying completely and I've been told by a specialist to self catheter every morning and night after I empty my bladder to see what the retention is. I just traumatised by everything. My vagina is still healing and I just can't put a catheter into my urethra. Has anyone else gone through this and how.did you over come it?
Ive been so stressed that I can't eat or sleep. My mind and body is stressed.
I just want any advice to be able to do it naturally and avoid using a catheter!!!

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