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New member, DD 18 packing/dorm move EU to USA for college midwest.

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Alazne58 · 07/06/2018 16:23

Hi everyone. I am an older mom 58 living in EU.
With the Brexit thing instead of going to UK for study after her IB high school my DD 18 yrs chose to apply for college study in midwest USA.
She got accepted and the packing/ move into a dorm is the phase we are in. I am on an american site // at the parents section. I noticed some older posts of british parents also looking for packing/move to USA from abroad info/tips/advice etc.
This morning on the british // they said ask here on Mumsnet. So here I am.
I am homebound due to illness heart failure can not go to the shops I depend on online shopping.
My DD and me we have watched some Youtube videos on this for tips.

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