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7th cycle TTC 2nd after PPROM ECS birth

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DollyDaydreamz · 04/06/2018 22:39

Hi just looking for some advice (first time posting eek!)

I had my DD 2 1/2 years ago after PPROM at 32weeks - it was a pretty traumatic experience ending in emergency c sec.

I’m pretty sure I have a bit of PTSD around the whole birth experience but DD is perfect.

Waiting a while before ttc second but now on 7th cycle ttc and feel like AF on its way. Trying everything OPKs, super meet egg plan, I’m even on acupuncture now...but nothing - it’s so depressing everytine AF turns up I sob. DD was conceived 1st month TTC so not experienced this before.

Any others took long time ttc after PPROM?

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