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Naughty neighbour

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RubyVanilla1 · 17/05/2018 04:20

New neighbour (moved in few days ago) has put several items of gardening equipment in my garden/courtyard.
They have right of way (on foot only) to pass to and from open gateway to their front door.
Both their and my properties are rented but from different landlords.
I have copies of plans from land registry which show courtyard belongs to my landlord and he confirmed in writing that it is my area exclusively, not to be used for smoking, dogs, sitting in or leaving property in by anyone else.
I do have tubs and pots of flowers and they do have a large dog.
I asked the woman if she would get the stuff moved and she must have told her BF/OH/DH but nothing has been moved.
Should I mention it again or write a letter?
Don't want to create friction but don't intend being a doormat. I'm divorced and about 20 years older than this couple.
Any serious ideas...?

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