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Feeling Low

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Imjustamum3 · 13/05/2018 21:37

Does anyone else feel useless all the time ?
I feel like a nobody.
I have three children...I'm not allowed to work (OH won't pay child care costs ) I don't go to college. I have no interests, hobbies ..I don't even get to the hairdressers. OH works long hours.
Any money I have the OH gives me. I don't personally own a single thing .
I have a virtually non existent relationship with my parents - not for lack of trying on my part they are just not bothered .
OH is always working or on bloody FB.
Everyday is like Groundhog Day..if I say anything to OH I'm being stupid ..or told I have mental issues ...I need to see a doctor .. or I'm ungrateful. I go days without having a real adult conversation.
I have no life I felt like ending it all !
Doesn't anyone else feel like all you are is a mum ...without a name ! Just a mum
Sorry it's my first time posting on here and I needed a vent x

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overwornout · 14/05/2018 19:49

Hi Imjustamum3,
Sorry to hear how you are feeling. If its any consolation I dreadfully feel the same. Im separated from my hubby but we are still in contact due to our DD. I get all the names under the sun moon and stars...what hurts me the most is being told I need t see a doc...take some pills...or you have a mental problem...abcd...
I cant help you much but I can only advise you to take a bold step and talk to you GP. They will offer you options of help. I hate pills...and you sound like you just need someone to talk to just like I do. If it make you feel better, I work full time, drive 90mins to work and still struggle financially on top of everything else.
Its never easy being a parent esp a stay at home mum...I left my hubby for being controlling and not allowing me to work and being so nasty. im still healing but its still tough. As long as your OH is not abusive, work on yourself. One step at a time. Then id suggest you find a hobby or just one activity for yourself at least once a week. you will beginning to see things differently and start to feel better.
Sorry im not much help, but take the little advise I have. Hang in there it will get better.

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