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SATs pressure from school

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twinmum28 · 11/05/2018 15:55

Does anyone else feel so annoyed by the amount of pressure the schools are putting in the kids for their year 6 SATs. I’ve told mine there is absolutely nothing to worry about and it doesn’t matter how it goes. They are supposed to be away camping with the scouts this weekend and they don’t want to go in case they are tired for SATs next week. I thought this would be a good distraction and I’m so annoyed with the school for putting this much pressure on for something that is only important to the school itself.
How can I tell them to reign it in without completely losing it?
Any suggestions gratefully received

OP posts:
ourkidmolly · 11/05/2018 16:03

My dd has had zero pressure tbh but then maybe she's just immune and hasn't felt it. She was under huge pressure to pass 11+ so this is perhaps a doddle in comparison. I sometimes think kids put pressure on one another as well. It's ridiculous that schools have to have so much invested in them. I honestly think the results shouldn't be reported. I actually think there's widespread cheating too. All madness.

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