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katopus · 16/04/2018 20:44

First post!
I've been on cerelle for about 9 months now haven't had any bleeding since being on it. I missed a few pills about 2months ago but haven't since then and didn't have sex for well over 7days after I'd missed them (it doesn't happen very often in my house 😂) Today though I have started to bleed it's not old either like id expect after such a long time it's bright red. I have just been on a 5 day course of amoxicillin but it shouldn't effect my pill. I also went out and got blind drunk for my 30 on fri the day after my antibiotics where i was sick alot but i took my pill in the morning nearly 20 hours before i was sick then didnt take it again until i could guarentee not being sick again lol Is it normal? Should I be concerned about the colour of the bleed?

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