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Tummy pains

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Goldenchick · 06/04/2018 15:39

I am 17+5 and apart from some RLP (I think/hope it was that) I've had a relatively nice second trimester with regards to feeling so much better than the first :)
I do however have a huge problem with my OH ex who calls me constantly. I never answer, as I have nothing to say to her. I'm usually quite good at ignoring this and not letting it affect me, but after 3 more calls today, I have gotten myself quite worked up and have been experiencing little niggly pains in my lower abdomen. They're not particularly painful, but I'm aware of them and it's been on and off (at very quick intervals) all day. Has anyone else experienced this? Should I be worried? Will it calm down if I calm down? I'm trying to relax but winding myself up. Any thoughts/he'll massively appreciated x

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