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Ameliamaysun14 · 26/03/2018 19:04

Hello everyone! My name is Amelia. I thought I would just quickly introduce myself to you all.
I am a mum to 2 wonderful boys. I was told after my first child that I couldn’t conceive again due to my PCOS. So I decided I will go back to studying and long behold on my final year at university I fell pregnant with my second child. Although I had a really tough time throughout my pregnancy I managed to finish my Masters in Cosmetic Science. I have since started working in the beauty industry and now am starting my company in skincare.
I would really appreciate your support in achieving my dream, please follow me Instagram @ameliamaysun.skincare. Where I provide skincare tips, information and advice to all types of skin concerns. I also hold competitions and will take you through my journey from ideation to launch! Thank you!

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