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11dpo super faint bfp then bfn few hours after and pink discharge am I out?

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BoodlesRH · 25/02/2018 16:44

So we've been TTC baby number 2 for 6 months. I desperately need some advice as I'm driving myself mad! I'm 11dpo So this morning I took a pregnancy test, no symptoms or anything just had a feeling about this month. Anyway i couldn't believe it when it was a super faint positive. Showed my husband he saw it too. I did another one and that was the same. So sent him to chemist to get clearblue digital, it read not pregnant absolutely gutted! Done some more this afternoon still negative. In the mean time I have really bad period pains and have had pink discharge followed by a little bit of brown. Does anyone know what is happening? I've got an early response to do in the morning keeping everything crossed but feel so sad about it all!!! Any advice would be greatly appreciated...

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