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Totally gutted dream holiday

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GoingGrey81 · 15/02/2018 22:44

Hi all, new here and totally gutted looking for some advice. We Scrimped and scraped and gone without for months on end to pay for our 'Dream holiday' in Disney world Florida. We are going with a disability travel agent for my child and basically you find the holiday and they price match, in this case we used thomas cook. We go in 10 weeks time and by chance i went to check prices on TC for a friend tonight with same amount of children (2) and the price has dropped by £1262!!!! I exept some fluctuation after all but this is ridiculous and I feel heartbroken at how hard weve worked for it.
I have written a strong complaint in to Thomas cook tonight. Weve had our holiday booked a year in advance and yeah im just totally gutted its all i can think about. Im dont expect my email to get me anywhere but i needed to send it all the same. Has anyone had any similar things happen or any constructive advice. Thanks for listening 😢

OP posts:
defineme · 15/02/2018 22:47

I would tweet them, put it on Facebook page too...shame them in to price matching.

RJnomore1 · 15/02/2018 22:49

I'm afraid it's just one of the things that happens. You run the risk of not getting exactly what you want if you wait til nearer the time.

It is a bugger though.

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