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Activities for babies

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Fun192 · 29/01/2018 09:47


Please does anyone know of any activities in Chislehurst/Beckenham area that is good for babies. Our LO is 8months


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AndiB58 · 31/01/2018 16:51

My DS is 5 years and in Reception.
We are having a problem with him bed wetting, wetting himself in school, wetting himself at home, wetting himself when he goes out. Bascally wetting himself all the time.
He is a happy lad, plays, has friends, loves school but we can't get to the bottom of him wetting himself.
We've seen the wet nurse and she has advised he could have a small bladder so he needs to drink more water whilst at school but even with us and the school encouraging him he won't drink no more as too busy playing. We are on a waiting list for alarm pants and to see consultant but the waiting list is 7-8 months.
He doesn't drink dark drink, fruitshoot or fizzy drink. He only drinks water and non citrus squash.
His last drink is about 7pm ish and he goes bed at 8.30pm after going toilet and he still wets his pull ups. Over the last few weeks his been wetting the bed too. He sleeps straight through.
We've tried reward charts, offering him things and nothing works.
We've tried talking to him and nothing.
He doesn't mind being wet yet he doesn't like being dirty. He doesn't tell anyone when he does it. When we do realise he is wet, he apologises and promises not to do it again but he does.
His wetting his clothes/uniform about 2 times a day.
I seem to be the only parent going through this as everyone I speak to, their child is fine.
I feel embarrassed as he does it when we are out anywhere so I always have to bring a change of clothes.
It's breaking my heart and I don't know what to do. Any advise would be great.

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