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mentalfluid · 26/01/2018 20:54

hello peeps, how are you all?

nothing much to say about me really. I am a bit chunky and like to blog. i also baking and eating cookies and watching retro tv.

my life is a bit shite at the moment- coping with some health related stuff (my own and other peoples') and struggling.

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paniconthestreetsofdreams · 26/01/2018 21:46

Sorry to hear this! Hopefully you will find some light relief here! Xx

mentalfluid · 27/01/2018 23:49

thank you paniconthestreetsofdreams. i like the Chat threads.

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Ildip · 29/01/2018 07:55

hello there,

I have a 17yr old who has been skipping school. He has anxiety problems, there was supposed to be a meeting today. He refuses to go because the school said his fate#her has to be there. I have been raising him alone since he was 2. can the school force him to see his father ?

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