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lilWolfe · 25/01/2018 22:42

Hi MN,
Im new and just wanted to say hello.
I don't have children yet but will do, eventually - I'm just a fan of the forums and felt a little lonely so thought id fully join instead of just lurking in the shadows.

Always great advice on here and you all seem so helpful and lovely, looking forward to seeing you in the threads :)

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QueenoftheSilverDollar12 · 25/01/2018 22:55

Hello @lilWolfe and welcome to the crazy world of MN 😃 am sure there will be others along soon to say hello.

BewitchedBotheredandBewildered · 25/01/2018 22:55

Hi, well done for joining.

A lot of helpful and lovely, but not always, so be a little bit wary, especially in AIBU.
You probably know that.

How long have you been lurking?

It took me a good year before I joined!

lilWolfe · 26/01/2018 23:40

Thank you for the lovely welcome :)

Lurking on and off for a few months, ill stay out of the firing line should one appear, id rather use the forums as a positive place anyways.

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L3e1gh · 27/01/2018 00:25

Hey Everyone,

I’m not a parent (just an auntie of 10 nieces and nephews) but I’m in the process of becoming a foster carer, I’m due to go to panel on March 1st. Since I made this huge decision not a day has gone past without me thinking about it. I’m so excited and naturally anxious.

Hoping this group will be able to offer me some support and advice down the line!

Looking forward to seeing your threads!

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