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Seite · 15/12/2017 22:49


I am 33 years old. I only have one ovary now and was referred to the fertility clinic as my blood work showed I'm not ovulating. I had an ultrasound yesterday and the technician said there were three large follicles. Dr at fertility clinic told me my levels of FSH are extremely hight. He said it looks like I will be going into early menopause but doesn't know when. I've read that IVF is unlikely with a low follicle count. I have more blood work next week but am wondering if based on my research, it is highly unlikely I will be able to have my own kids. Any comments on help on my situation would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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JoJoSM2 · 16/12/2017 11:58

You’re better off posting in Infertility in Becoming a Parent.

EveryoneTalkAboutPopMusic · 19/12/2017 17:56

How are you getting on now Seite? Did you post in infertility?

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