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Help with routine for 10wk old who only takes short naps.

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Katetsir · 01/12/2017 11:33

Just trying to get my 10wk this old into a routine as his preferred bedtime is midnight (and with a toddler too we can’t carry on with that timing). I can just about stretch his feeds to 3hrs, he can only stay awake between 1-1.5 he’s after he gets up but the issue we have is that when he does nap he can’t do more than 40mins and then once he’s slept for 40mins no amount of resettling will get him back down! So our cycles are ending up very short! Does anyone have any advise for how you adapt a 3hr routine if they wake early from naps?

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minipie · 01/12/2017 11:40

Honestly no, I had this issue and after spending ages writing out timings I concluded there was no solution I just had to feed more often until she was able to do longer naps. Unfortunately in our case thst took a long time! More important to get enough sleep and enough food into them, even if not ideal timing, rather than risk them being overtired.

Wrt to the evenings/bedtime issue - when's his last nap? And how does he sleep after midnight?

Katetsir · 01/12/2017 11:40

I should add, I know he’s still young but he is shattered and needs to go to bed well before midnight as massively overtired by 8pm. He will not settle down with us anymore in the evening (unless we have the lights and tv off - which is pointless)

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