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Author - children's Story books

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SueWickstead · 15/11/2017 16:47

I have over the last few years started wwriting children's story books.
When my two children were young I became involved in their playgroup, which was on a Playbus.
I fell in love with te bus (my children joked it was my third child! - A boy, a girl and a bus).
I enjoyed being involved with the bus and continued with my involvemet until OFSTED!
I was bullied form teachihg but I am not going to apologise for being old!
I produced a photographic history of the bus which has now led to the story-telling and the writing.
I love sharing my story with children in the many schools I visit across Sussex and Surrey (as a supply teacher).
who knows maybe one day I will have grandchildren to share the books with too.
So this is me!

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