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splitting up and effect on teenage daughter

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hopeforlife · 04/11/2017 21:25

Hi I am in the process of parting amicably with my husband after a long hard time of trying to be ok but it has become so unhappy and toxic. My 17year old daughter who has struggled with depression and anxiety is refusing to speak to me. Her brother who has just gone to uni says he doesn't care but is upset. I feel so frightened at what I have unleashed but know I have done it as a last resort. The model of a relationship was so bad and it was getting worse with my daughter on her own. Any suggestions of how I can help them deal with this? Thanks

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Mantha1975 · 12/11/2017 09:21

Hi I know how it feels to be in that situation it's not good at first but it's gets easier with ur 17 year old just be there for her no matter what she will talk soon she's just hurting and once she sees you being your life again she will understand more it's not a nice thing to go though as you know it's hurts you as well if you want to chat more please just message again

hopeforlife · 17/12/2017 08:01

Thank you for this. It is still so hard. I don't know how to support her. She doesn't want to talk and is so angry and in pain. Her dad comes round a lot to see her and her brother who is just back from Uni but I am not sure this is helping. She's cross too with her brother who on the surface doesn't seem to mind. It's all such a muddle but I have to ride it out and see where it goes. I never imagined it would have this effect on her. Selfishly was just thinking of how much it would be easier for me and assumed she would find it better too. She doesn't want to talk to anyone which is the bit that worries me.

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