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HelenaWaxle · 21/09/2017 20:46

Have just joined MN. Not sure if I was welcome as don’t have children of my own.
(OH has a son) but was recommended to join by a friend. As I have so much in my head to talk about with other like minded ladies in my situation.
Dealing with the best buddy of an XW that is only now officially and X but hasn’t been for the last 2.5 years!
How do you cope? Love my OH to bits. But is it normal for him to act like she is everything? Moving house with her when he lives with me, going school uniform shopping? Wanting me to actively be in her company so it looks good infront of their son. And not really doing anything to get divorced until I said enough was enough and either me or her. Now since that point. I’ve not had to see her. But I have to sit in my own car for 1.5 hours whilst he picks his son up?!
My head spins..... sorry have lots to say but don’t know where to start lol!

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