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Sally458 · 30/08/2017 17:07

So my daughter is 15 and she wants to do musical theatre has done her whole life , I found it difficult to get her to London so she only ever went to one auditon , she wants to be on west end or/and in films and tv I can't find a good agent or any auditions for her age she has a playing age of 13-15 if anyone could help out that would be great 🙂 And yes she has singing and acting lessons

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Primrose06 · 01/09/2017 16:48

Am not sure if this is much help but for what it's worth.
Would it be possible to view going to a school for such.
I know someone who tried many years to make it and stage school was an enormous help.
The competition as you know is fierce.
Has she thought of a back up plan?
The most successful one we know works in radio pt but it is widening her work and experience.
It's not easy being a parent

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