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Partner wants to separate

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Steve2810 · 27/08/2017 13:14

Hi, I wonder if anyone can provide any advice. About 10 days my world was turned upside down. My partner of 8 years told me she wants to leave me. We have a beautiful, shy and sensitive 6 yr old son and she has 2 older daughters from a previous marriage. We jointly own a lovely house with no mortgage. My son is my world and I can't bear the thought of not seeing him everyday and night. She wants to sell the property and move about 10 miles away from the family home. I don't want to move out and don't want to sell the house and certainly don't want my son's life to be too disrupted and need to change schools. It will devastate him to do so. Can I choose to stay in the home that I jointly own. I'm also prepared to live in the house together with my former partner even if we are no longer a couple. We have a five bed-room so the sleeping arrangements are manageable. Has anyone else been in this situation and what should I do? I love my house and up until fortnight ago I was in a very happy relationship. I want to do what is best for my son. thanks

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