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Motherofgamers · 24/07/2017 07:51

I'm new to mumsnet and have no idea how to post threads?
Can anyone advise how I can ask a question to Liverpool mums about schools please?

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BlahBlahBlahEtc · 24/07/2017 07:57

But you just posted a thread here...Hmm

Motherofgamers · 24/07/2017 08:36

πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ yes I couldn't find a place to do it outside of newbies and I wanted to pose it to other liverpool mums not other newbies if that makes sense?

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BlahBlahBlahEtc · 24/07/2017 09:03

haha! here's your link just click on add thread Grin

Motherofgamers · 24/07/2017 09:26

Thanks! 😊

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