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Feeling low!

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user1499428131 · 07/07/2017 12:56

Hi everyone!
I'm new to this site! Normally read everyone's answers but thought about time I started my own!

I'm 24 weeks pregnant & up until now I have had it sooo easy no hormones changes, no morning sickness, no weight gain half the time I forgot I was even pregnant! && now the last few days I have felt so low. Tearful & now panicking that it's some kind of depression. I have never suffered with depression before, just anxiety & a massive worrier! The thought of depression scares me so much so I think I'm worrying about having it too much I'm giving myself it! 😬

Can anyone relate to this? Please tell me it passes! 😬😬

OP posts:
user1498213655 · 07/07/2017 14:08

Hi OP.
I cant offer any useful pregnancy advice, but sorry to hear you're low.

I've started using a mindfulness app (I know, but hear me out) and I find it really helps with low mood swings. You'd need to find 10 mins a day (or however often) to just sit and listen, but (I find) it really helps clear all the clutter out of the way and lets me think more clearly again, get some perspective etc.

I've got 3 kids, maybe you have kids too already?, so I know the unbearable, almost painful joy you have in store when you're little one arrives. Hang in there through this.

Someone more qualified than I will surely come along to help in a minute.

transformmum · 14/07/2017 17:36


I am a therapist but not a doctor. Your teafulness could be triggered by hormones for sure during pregnacy. Also your circumstances, beliefs you have made in the past your subconcious may also be contributing, whatever you do don't suffer alone, get some help.

xodunuh · 18/07/2017 16:53

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Robyn246 · 23/07/2017 17:12

Hi. First time writing on something like this. I am 16 weeks with my first baby. Since yesterday I have been feeling really sad to the point I cry. I just woke up feeling like this. On the day I had a BBQ to go to at my fella's mums place. I wasn't in the mood to be around people as I felt really sad. Also which some people may find silly is that, there was a girl going who is pretty, which wouldn't normally bother me, but few months ago before I was pregnant we went to his family party and she was there first time I met her, my man was at the bar with me and he says alright to her while looking her up and down in this little black dress... that was the first time I had ever felt 'insecure' if u want to use that word. First time I ever saw him 'check out' another girl. I felt awful like I wasn't good enough or looked good enough. Before I always felt like he had eyes for me and no worries. (I know it's natural for everyone to look) but that made me feel so down. Anyway back to the point. So I woke up feeling sad then found out she was going to the BBQ which made me feel worse. I asked my man if we could leave b4 she arrives. But we didn't she got there half hour b4 I was sucking back tears when people were like congratulations how are you feeling. People telling me to loosen up. To smile. I couldn't as all I wanted to do was cry. We did leave but my boyfriend said I was selfish for only staying 2 and half hours. He said he can't help my insecurity. I said no but you could have tried to help me feel a bit better about the situation. (I feel like I'm blabbing on with no real point) but today I feel just as sad and cried about 4/5 times. My boyfriend doesn't understand that my hormones are everywhere and he said he doesn't want to understand, and that I will get every Sympton. I said no I haven't. He said I was like this b4 pregnancy, I wasn't. I swore on my life that I don't choose to feel like this. He doesn't even believe me and just said he doesn't want to understand. I said come yo my next midwife appointment and I will tell them how I'm feeling and you can listen. He said no I don't want to! Before I started feeling like this I said to my boyfriend how I feel we have got a lot closer and he said he felt the same. But now I feel shit, and feel I can't say. I sat next to him this morning watching telly and tears came out. He said why are you crying? I said I don't know I can't help it! Sorry I just needed to tell someone.

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