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Nexplanon implant

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user1490691452 · 28/03/2017 10:14

Hi everyone!
July 2016 my daughter was born. I got the nexplanon in September and had nothing but problems as I was bleeding all the time. In February I found out I was pregnant although I had the inplant in! Due to the pregnancy I had to get my implant removed on the 1st march. 10 days before my removal appointment I started bleeding heavily so I went to the hospital. Unfortunately I lost the baby at 5 weeks. The doctors said it was because I had the implant in and the hormones were affecting the pregnancy. But if the hormones in the nexplanon worked in the first place, how did I get pregnant?!
Anyway it's now 28th march and I still got the implant removed on the 1st march but my bleeding stopped the day I got my implant removed. I still haven't had a period but I've been having unprotected sex nearly everyday as we are now trying for a baby. Does anyone think I could be pregnant as I've had 2 negative readings this week.

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