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Meachy123 · 23/02/2017 10:42

Hi All

New here and looking for some advice. My daughter started having seizures age 7. She is now 19 and has been on medication since age 7. She is taking driving lessons but we have recently discussed weaning off medication. I feel that my daughter hasnt had much of a life since starting medication. She is constantly tired and falling asleep, she cant seem to do the most simple tasks (very clumsy) and she seems to have a lower mental age. This is now causing problems with job hunting. She knows she would have to revoke her driving licence whilst coming off medication. I'm unsure if this is due to brain activity, medication or something else. She also didnt do great in her exams at school, cant seem to concentrate and looks like shes dreaming most of the time. Has anyone else had the same issues? Thanks x

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