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Feeling stressed and anxious

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user1487665675 · 21/02/2017 08:36

Hello to all the mummy's out there, I've got a question to ask I've been feeling really stressed lately with a lot of things mainly the children lol I've got a 4yr old who's nearly 5 and a 1yr old I feel like I'm shouting all the time. I haven't been to the docs yet cos I was wondering if anyone has tried these kalms tablets and are they any good? I feel like I cry a lot lately also since I've had my second child I've been feeling really anxious. Sorry don't mean to go on lol Smile

OP posts:
Meachy123 · 23/02/2017 10:59

Hi you really do need to make an appointment at your doctor if your feeling that bad. Good luck x

Holisticlady · 24/02/2017 13:58

A visit to the doctor may be the best solution honey, I have been in your situation and it only got worse, but I didn't have a support network.
Try getting out as much as you can, walking, swimming, a coffee with a friend - do you have some friends nearby?
Talk about how you are feeling, don't bottle it up!
I really don't think Kalms are going to be much help with this one.
I wish you all the best x

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