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Sex after childbirth

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user1485041566 · 21/01/2017 23:57

Whoops! I'm a dad on mumsnet hope that's allowed. New dad forums are thin on the ground and the ones I've found have terrible UIs. So I have a question for you mums out there.
My partner gave birth to our first child 3 weeks ago. Since then I my libido has been through the roof! Despite the fact that every article I have read online has suggested that the opposite is the norm. I was wondering if any of your SIs had experienced the same thing at all?

Also if anyone knows of a decent fathers/men's forum that their SIs have used please do let me know.

OP posts:
annandale · 22/01/2017 00:03

THere's DAdsnet on here.

Not quite sure of your question - do you mean her libido is through the roof, or yours? Is it a problem for the other one? What's a UI - to me that means a urine infection?

Sex was much more pleasurable after childbirth for me, never really felt much internally at all in the 16 years I had sex before giving birth. Having said that, you're only 3 weeks in - I would say you're likely to go through peaks and troughs. Hope you can talk about this to each other.

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen · 22/01/2017 00:03



AssassinatedBeauty · 22/01/2017 00:21

UI - user interface
SI - no clue!

I don't know what you're asking about wrt libido. I think it's normal to find your other half attractive, but for goodness sake remember she's just had a baby. As with all relationship stuff the key is to keep talking and listening to each other.

AnyFucker · 22/01/2017 00:26

SI ? Significant other ?

Op I really hope you are not pressurising your post party partner for sex

Medical advice is to wait for 6 weeks to ensure full healing of delicate tissues

You would know that though by reading any of the simple antenatal and post natal leaflets or a quick Google

What advice was it you wanted ?

AnyFucker · 22/01/2017 00:27

*post partum. was definitely no "party"

Grayfeather · 22/01/2017 00:32

UI-user interface
SI-significant other
I'll have a look at dadsnet thank you
I'm referring to my libido, I was wondering if anyone else's partner's libido increased when they became a dad.

My partner and I are very open and have talked about this, we were just curious as research had suggested that my sex drive would decrease after she gave birth not increase :)

AnyFucker · 22/01/2017 00:36

Do you just want to talk about your sex drive with other women then ?

AssassinatedBeauty · 22/01/2017 00:37

Why would it change at all? I don't understand that, as nothing physical has happened to you.

Grayfeather · 22/01/2017 00:38

@anyfucker no as posed in my previous two posts I'm asking if anybody else's partner's experienced a similar thing.

And don't panic I'm not the sort to pressure anyone into sex ever. Let alone my my post childbirth partner.

AnyFucker · 22/01/2017 00:44

I think op belongs to that group of people that believe men go through hormonal changes just like women do during pregnancy and childbirth

Op, now if you had said that your partner going through what she has to bring your child into the world has inspired in you a whole new level of love and respect for her we might be onto a winner

Sadly, it's all about your dick.

AssassinatedBeauty · 22/01/2017 00:48

Good point Any.

Grayfeather · 22/01/2017 00:56

Well I've thoroughly enjoyed the first and only hour I have spent as a member of mumsnet, I did rather think that it might be somewhat less filled with trolls.

AnyFucker · 22/01/2017 09:02
Dadtonewbabygirl · 02/03/2017 14:39

After my partner gave birth I found it very hard to keep up with her libedo! Haha, I was all for caring for Mum and Baby, but Mum couldn't wait for herself to heal up so we could do it all over. But my libedo kind of disappeared. But every relationship is different Smile

FannyWisdom · 02/03/2017 14:50

I can offer insight into this.

3 weeks after the birth your testosterone will be all over the place making you confused and occasionally selfish enough to wonder when your next shag will come.
You can safely ignore any of these urges and continue to be a decent chap and let things heal up.
Ideally wait for DW to confirm she's ready.

And Welcome.

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