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Moving from Wales to England (London)

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user1483360246 · 02/01/2017 12:44

Hello Everyone,

Im new to this so sorry if I'm posting in the wrong part of the page :(

Need as much help and info as I can get from you mums!
Im 24 and have a daughter who is 3 going on 4, myself and partner have decided for job reasons for him and also more opportunity for myself to up and leave Wales and move to London.
My partner before we got together had previously lived in London for 3 years so I know he will be fine when we move.

My main concerns are the benefit side of things, Im currently renting privately and receive housing benefit along with income support,child tax credits and child benefit. Could I just move and the benefits be swapped over to London council or would I need to re apply. Also do any of you know how much I may be entitled to?
Im really worried if Ive taken everything into consideration when moving. Ive made a few to do lists, such as looking into the benefit side of things, what I'm entitled to but find most things online unhelpful unless I went to London and actually spoke to someone from the council.
Ive also not spoken to any of my family about this big move as I know they may think I'm crazy as I rely on them a lot for babysitting, lifts and just general support. But I really want this to better myself and also be a more independent mum.
Please help x

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UserOne · 09/01/2017 01:37

You should still be entitled to housing benefits. Most private landlords rent will be above the limit you're allowed, but local councils do have a fund for that too that you apply for through them.

I'd ask this somewhere else though, you won't get many answers in this section.

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