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how to do mumsnet!

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tralaaa · 30/12/2016 07:40

I'm not new but don't really know how to "use" mumsnet, it's it different on a phone, is there a users manual somewhere. How do you pm, how do you link, how do you save threads, and if you following a thread,go away and come back how do you find where you were. I love it but still an outsider.

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RitaConnors · 30/12/2016 07:52

Are you using the app on your phone?

To do links you use the square brackets. Tow of them at the front and two at the back. //........

With whatever you want to link to in the middle. I cut and paste it usually.

To do a one word link here you do the double brackets and cut and paste the link in, then you leave one space and write a word, in this case I wrote here and then the double brackets again.

tralaaa · 30/12/2016 08:17

Thank you Rita yes iPhone and iPad going to give that link a good read

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