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Motorbikes are dangerous/ not toys

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mybike · 28/12/2016 12:11


I am a female motor bike rider. Today i came out of the supermarket to find a mother draping her kids over my bike and taking selfies with them. I was not worried about that (annoyed yes, my bike was expensive and has custom paintwork and damages easily). I was more worried about the dangers, the exhaust can get screaming hot after a trip and could easily burn through skin, your child could end up with months of painful skin grafts, just because mum wanted a selfie with her kids. Also the bike is heavy and could tip over, she was trying to get all her kids on at one point, if the bike fell over she could've ended up with i dont know how many broken legs or other injuries because of her stupidity??? Or worse the bike could easily have crushed the youngest, it would have killed her, its that heavy.

Please dont do this, bikes on stands are not toys, they are potentially dangerous. I wanted to join mumsnet to hopefully prevent an accident. I dont have kids myself but this has really bothered me. It didnt help that the mother was oblivious to any wrong doing or threat of danger to her children and just laughed it off. Not only that, most bikers male or female are quite friendly and would let kids sit on their bikes with their supervision. My other half is not, he would have picked the kid up off the bike and dumped him on the floor and not very politely!!! After all i wouldnt come over and sit on the bonnet of your car would i?

Please have more sense, i hope my post saves someone from a burn, broken leg or worse punch in the face! bikers can be very protective over their rides...

Thank you.

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