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Are dads allowed in?

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godaddy · 02/11/2016 13:13

Hello people of mumsnet. Firsts things first - I'm not a mum; I'm a dad. I think there is a dad's area but it doesn't seem to get used much and as my wife to be tells me and our DD, 'mum know best' anyway so. Wink

So, are dads allowed in?

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JenLindleyShitMom · 02/11/2016 13:15

Yep! Dads are welcome. Grans are welcome, cousins are welcome, even people who don't like children are welcome here Grin we are very inclusive here. Get stuck in!

donajimena · 02/11/2016 13:18

I second what jen said. There are also child free by choice members too!
I didn't join for parenting advice. I joined for relationship advice and stayed!

HappyCamel · 02/11/2016 13:22

You often won't be able to tell whether it's a man or woman posting.

AdoraBell · 02/11/2016 13:28

Hmm, dads eh?

Yep, everyone welcome here Grin

ErrolTheDragon · 02/11/2016 13:32

Despite the name, the MN motto is 'by parents, for parents' - and despite that, actually anyone is welcome who can abide by the Talk guidelines. Its a good idea to acquaint yourself with those before posting much. Avoid starting a thread on AIBU till you've been around a while, and only if you're willing to accept that YABU. (If you dont know what those or other acronyms mean, there is an acronym guide which is useful).


godaddy · 02/11/2016 13:46

Hooray! Thanks for the replies, I feel at home already Smile

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