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is it safe to bath the newborn while having cold

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user1476464980 · 15/10/2016 15:46

Hi all
My baby is only 7weeks old and she is suffering from cold. She hasn't had a bath for a week but still the cold is there specially at night and morning times. She is alright with feeding and sleeping except the flem noice. At this stage is it safe to have a bath?? please advice

OP posts:
Yoarchie · 15/10/2016 15:54

I just wouldn't bother. As long as you do a good job of the nappy area and the mouth/neck for milk drips, she won't be dirty.

LonnyVonnyWilsonFrickett · 15/10/2016 15:57

The cold is a virus. It's not made better or worse by bathing. But if she's tired and cranky, then it's fine not to bath her - a wipe is fine.

GoofyTheHero · 15/10/2016 16:01

Baths have absolutely no effect on the cold virus, it's fine to bath her if you want to.

Ginmakesitallok · 15/10/2016 16:05

I always found that a bath helped settle my 2 when they were unwell.

PeppasNanna · 15/10/2016 16:06

I would. Might help her to feel more comfortable.

SpecialStains · 15/10/2016 16:09

If she's stuffy, a bath in a steamy room is a good idea. I've bathed my 8 week old when he has a cold.

user1476464980 · 15/10/2016 19:14

Thank you very much. I might then wait as I daily do the nappy area..

OP posts:
GoofyTheHero · 15/10/2016 19:39

Just out of interest, why do you think babies can't have a bath when they have a cold?

liquidrevolution · 15/10/2016 19:42

Steamy bathroom is good for colds so either bath her or pop her in a bouncer chair and have a bath yourself. Smile

thisismyfirsttime · 15/10/2016 19:51

Does she generally like baths? When dd was that small I always bathed with her and she loved it. It was particularly beneficial when she had a cold because as I was in with her we'd have a deep bath and she would be submerged up to her chest/ neck in warm water and so wouldn't catch a 'chill' so to speak and I filled the sink with really hot water with a few drops of Olbas oil so the steamy air helped clear her nose. If she doesn't generally like baths and it'd upset her I'd leave her until she feels a bit better.

thekawaiihippie89 · 17/10/2016 17:22

your baby should be perfectly fine to have a bath, just make sure she is dried properly and kept warm. If you feel worried then take her to a doctor for a second opinion. good luck with your baby, I hope she feels better soon.

Muddlingthroughtoo · 17/10/2016 17:31

I know that when I have a cold, a bath is really soothing. Why wouldn't you bath her?

ILostItInTheEarlyNineties · 17/10/2016 17:32

Could you clarify what flem noise is? If you think she has difficulty breathing or the cold is on her chest, it would be worth getting her checked by your GP.
Giving her a warm bath is fine, it might help her to settle. At 7 weeks old, do you still have regular checks with a health visitor? (I forget now mine are older) but I always found the health visitor more than happy to give advice.

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