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New user pregnancy question!

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djs2312 · 03/10/2016 14:37

I think I might be pregnant but I'm really unsure.

I've been on the pill since I was 13 (22 now) but I'll be honest in saying I'm not the most religious taker. Nothing worse than missing 1 pill every now and then and usually take my pill in the morning but sometimes I'll forget and take it around 7pm at night.

Recently I've been having the strangest symptoms. I have normal blood pressure and I eat my breakfast around 11am every morning (too busy getting to work to have it any earlier). Last week on two occasions I felt really sick and dizzy, almost lightheaded. I heaved and think that if I would have retched hard enough I could have been sick. I'm super tired recently had a couple of headaches. My boobs are unusually tender and this past week I've been experiencing severe burning at the top of my stomach, almost like indigestion and heartburn, constantly feeling gassy and as though I need to burp. My stomach is constantly bloated as if I've eaten a big meal, I have celiac and diverticulitis in my family which I've had blood tests before and been tested for along with IBS and come up negative so I know its not that.

I've taken two pregnancy tests and both have come up negative. I've been having periods as normal on the pill. Last month I may have missed a pill but I cant really remember so theres a chance my pill wasnt as effective last month. Has anyone else experienced this sort of thing? I have a friend who didnt find out she was pregant until 10 weeks before she was due and had no symptoms, periods and was on the pill as normal! This cant happen to me, I really need to know!

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow but just wanted some advice/opinions. Anything would be great!

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