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Newbie and worried. Help please

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Lubna28 · 08/09/2016 22:54

Hello everyone.
My son was born at 2/29. he's a 37 weeker. We feel really worried about his development. he smiles and giggles when we talk to him, he can see and hear well, he can roll over from back to tommy, anyway He doesn't reach out for things, doesn't grasp things, can't fully support his head, not even close to sit up alone, we feel that he is not aware of the surrounding enviroment as he should be at this age, in general he still looks like an infant comparing to other babies in his age. His ped is not really worried yet, she suggected to wait and see as he wasn't a full term baby, she requiested some blood works that showed he's a bit enemic, and put him on iron drops. Any body has a similar experience with this? do you think there's somthing alarming?

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peaceloveandbiscuits · 08/09/2016 22:57

How old is your baby?

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