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ex has someone else pregnant and we may be getting back together

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amybby · 01/09/2016 19:07

i'm new to this site and just wanted some advice and dint no which sort of thread to put this into.

im currently a single 27 year old mummy to my 8 year old son, he has complex medical needs which means his condition is terminal, so i have a lot on my plate at times when he's unwell, but when he's well we have a brilliant routine.

me and my ex were together for a few years and we broke up 5 months ago due to a bicker really, i had alot on at the time with my son being unwell and he had alot on as hes started up a new business and we just bickered over something really silly i was annoyed he hadn't texted all weekend when he went to a car show, and he said hed had enough, we didn't meet up and chat about it and just left it, 5 months goes by and last week we saw each other and immediately my feeling for him were the same and i knew i wanted to be back with him and he feels the same, one problem, we both had a fling with someone else, mine lasted a few weeks was just seeing someone on a few dates here and there that was it, he had a one night stand with someone he met and he she's fallen pregnant even with protection on both parts apparently.

so i am now in the situation that hes having a child with someone else, he doesnt want to be to be with this woman but will be there for the child, another thing is that this woman has 3 other children already and social services are involved for different reasons, shes agreed to do a dna test while shes pregnant and then the social will tell her what she must do to keep this baby, otherwise if she doesnt do what they say it will go to my now ex partner maybe future partner again, im just wondering if anyones being in a similar situation, ive being with guys that have had children befor and thats not a problem but not in this situation were there is a baby on the way and it may or may not be his and if it is he may have it full time or possible weekends depending what happens in the near future, he know i am wanting to have another baby myself within the next year or two and hes fine with that but i'm thinking it may be to much now. if i did get back with him, i think i would be fine being a step mummy and help him raise his child. just other advice and similar experiences of what it is actually like and how hard it is and what effect it has had on relationships would be much apprechiated.

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