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Just another new recruit

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Fr33styl3r · 25/08/2016 00:34

Hi there, just wanted to see how to start a thread. Also hope my new username is working. Don't need to answer but it would be great if you did. Grin

OP posts:
situatedknowledge · 25/08/2016 00:39
JoHowson · 25/08/2016 12:18

Both joined around the same time Hun. Great minds think alike

CatsandOatcakes · 25/08/2016 14:31

Hello there Wine

Just5minswithDacre · 25/08/2016 14:34

Hello Smile

(You might want to avoid using 'Hun' on here Jo, it's not too popular.)

JoHowson · 25/08/2016 15:13

Oh. Don't want to make waves already😂

Just5minswithDacre · 25/08/2016 15:14

At least now you know how to when you do want to Wink

Fr33styl3r · 25/08/2016 16:06

Hello to you all. And thanks very much for answering me. Thanks for the Wine too. Smile

OP posts:
JoHowson · 25/08/2016 17:21

Anything else I need to avoid just 15?😇

Just5minswithDacre · 25/08/2016 17:29

Lols and xxxx Wink

Just5minswithDacre · 25/08/2016 17:44

(We're friendly really. There should be a sticky listing the conventions)

JoHowson · 25/08/2016 19:18

To be honest I'm that tired when I've finished work I wouldn't find the energy to argue with the pregnancy and all that comes with it.

Doik · 25/08/2016 23:00

Welcome Fr33styl3r.

Jo, whatever you do, don't say hubby!

JeanSeberg · 25/08/2016 23:08

... or bubs or lil man.

JoHowson · 26/08/2016 00:04

So much to take inHmm

CatsandOatcakes · 26/08/2016 07:34

I've seen that holibobs is a big no no tooSmile
Not that I usually use it!

JoHowson · 26/08/2016 07:46

Morning Cats.

Glad you told me that because I go away 2 week today and I could have called it the unmentionable wordSmile

CatsandOatcakes · 26/08/2016 09:42

Morning Jo. We could have been escorted out before we really got started here. Where are you off to for your holiday?

JoHowson · 27/08/2016 00:15

I'm going to Tenerife Cat but the nausea I'm feeling makes me wonder if it is such a good idea.

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