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scam modeling agents

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Zooskie · 05/08/2016 23:23

Please does anyone know any real and good modeling agency for my daughter we got scammed and she's so sad she was over the moon when we thought she had been chosen please help 😊

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Zooskie · 05/08/2016 23:26

Can anyone help me and my 12 year old were scammed by a modeling agency does anyone know any proper modeling company's please help

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elephantoverthehill · 05/08/2016 23:29

Sorry I can't help with modelling agencies, but my Ds was very nearly scammed. Luckily I got advice on here and there have been numerous threads about the scams, however a lot of posters did give advice about 'proper' modelling agencies. It might be worth searching 'm0del' threads. Good luck, and sorry about your Dd.

elephantoverthehill · 05/08/2016 23:35

Sorry I should have made it clear that 'm0del' were the scammers.

Zooskie · 06/08/2016 13:49

Thanks for the advice, πŸ‘it all helps am just gonna have to keep looking 😊

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ElleEmJay · 07/08/2016 03:33

Google Boss modelling agency in Manchester. I used to work there. You can email photos over as per their requirements is all natural, no make up etc. And they decide if they want to see you or not. If they see you its because you might have potential. When I was there, albeit 20 years ago, no money up front, free evening modelling lessons (how to walk etc), commission contracts only payable on paid bookings. If they don't want to see you, you don't have potential, sorry! You can keep touting round but you will get scammed. HTH 😊

Zooskie · 07/08/2016 13:02

Thanks that's very helpful Smile

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crazymum26 · 06/01/2017 13:12

Hi in new here xx I was wondering if anyone has ever used (modelingagen y4babies) as my daughter got accepted bit I've heard up and down about it. I would love to get her into modeling and stuff x does anyone have or know any really good agencys that don't cost a bomb x

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