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Moving to South Wales

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Lydiarose33 · 08/07/2016 17:57

We are relocating to South Wales for my husbands job and need to be there for an April 2017 start. I have spent so much time on rightmove and am going round in circles!

I was just looking for recommendations on area. We need to be somewhere near Cardiff, to the west of Cardiff ideally. I need to take into account schools also. Does anyone have a recommendation for private (primary) schools in that area?

Our children are 4 and 1. I'd like to be in a village/small town with amenities.

Any suggestions?!

Thank you

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user1466690252 · 08/07/2016 18:03

Hello! Cardiff is amazing and you will love it. Its hard to give you any help with that info, theres alot of choice i would say it would depend on how your husband plans to get to work and how much of a commute he wants. Infrastructure is awful in a lot of places x

Lydiarose33 · 08/07/2016 18:27

His office is somewhere between Cardiff and Bridgend if that helps? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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scater · 08/07/2016 18:32

Abergavenny or any of the surrounding villages are beautiful.

user1466690252 · 08/07/2016 18:33

St donats, st Nicholas, parts of Llantwit major. But i think Cowbridge would be your ideal. Penarth is gorgeous aswell but may be to close to Cardiff and tragfic hell.

Lydiarose33 · 08/07/2016 18:34

Amazing, thank you so much!

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poppy1973 · 08/07/2016 18:36

Hi if you want to go to the West side of Cardiff, then I would suggest the Vale of Glamorgan county. Penarth is a fab town, lovely schools and really quite a nice place to live. It is a bit pricey and one of the more expensive places to live. Sully is okay, outskirts of Penarth. Cowbridge nice but a bit further out.

I wouldn't want to live in Cardiff city at all these days. What kind of house style are you after ? I can recommend some good schools as I have a few friends in schools out in Vale still.

If I had to relocate back to Wales. I would choose Penarth if I had the money !!!!

user1466690252 · 08/07/2016 18:38

Avoid barry tho. And just to add penarth is amazing but the commute is an absolute nightmare at times so someyhing to bare in mind if its inportant to you. We moved out of penarth for that reason. Was just to much stress

Lolimax · 08/07/2016 18:41

Welcome to South Wales! I'd agree to head for the Vale of Glamorgan around Cowbridge. Lots of pretty villages.
Not a huge amount of private Primaries, I'm no expert but you'd need to be in Cardiff itself I'd have thought for Howells or, the Cathedral School. But I would also say you might not need them as there are some excellent Primaries around.

poppy1973 · 08/07/2016 18:42

I would agree, you don't need to pay for a private school as there is excellent primary schools there.

user1466690252 · 08/07/2016 18:45

I would agree no need for private in those areas. You would need to go into a fair distance ro get to one and some seriously fab schools in the vale. Not worth the efffort of it, especially at primary age

user1466690252 · 08/07/2016 18:46

Sorry for the typos. Stupid nails

JennyOnAPlate · 08/07/2016 18:58

I grew up in penarth and it is lovely. The traffic getting in and out during the rush hour can be a real pain though.

Cardiff is an amazing will love it!

Lydiarose33 · 08/07/2016 20:05

Thank you everyone for the info. I've got a good starting point now!

OP posts:
Wandastartup · 08/07/2016 20:16

There is a bus from Cowbridge to the cathedral school & probably Howells too.

dotty12 · 08/08/2016 10:34

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oneil123 · 13/04/2018 16:35

Hi me and my husband are thinking about moving to the south of wales with are children could anyone give any advice on areas what are the schools like and also special needs schools to as I have a disabled son also what is work like as my husband is a plasterer hope to here some advice soon thanksSmile

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