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browsing n lurking

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booked83 · 07/04/2016 22:47

Hey I'm new been browsing n lurking through forums.... I'm a mum of two n one in the way! I find some of the jargon talk confusing but think I'm just out of practice! Xx

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BeccaMumsnet · 10/04/2016 16:10

Hi booked83! Welcome welcome Brew Cake

Hope you are having a marvellous weekend.

booked83 · 11/04/2016 10:53

Hey thanx! I've been doing the room swap this weekend... Expecting another boy so daughter in the small room n boys in the big room! Ready for a lazy day today!

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BeccaMumsnet · 12/04/2016 10:39

Ooof blimey, sounds like far too much hard work!!

booked83 · 13/04/2016 08:50

*Becca it was way to much mind but done now just daughters room which won't be half as bad!

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